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Supporting your amazing T1 Warriors

Reinforcing positive T1 habits for your Warrior

  • Helping your T1 Warrior to better understand their CGM data

    Nudg turns your T1 Warrior’s CGM readings into snippets of engaging content that is contextual and relatable. Nudg empowers them to take control of their condition.

  • Nudg is for your T1 Warrior's eyes only

    You already do a great job, and Nudg could never replace you, but sometimes a friendly nudg from someone just like them can help them just as much.

  • Private, safe and practical guidance

    All of your T1 Warrior’s data is safe, and is never used for anything other than providing practical and educational content directly to them.

Giving you greater peace of mind

Your T1 Warrior’s Dexcom CGM already helps you both to live life with fewer interruptions. Nudg helps to give you even more peace of mind.

Using your Warrior’s glucose readings, Nudg’s analysis detects moments and behaviours which it then uses to deliver practical advice through short content snippets (we call them nudg’s) delivered directly to your T1 Warrior.


    Nudg’s that deliver advice, and lifestyle suggestions for your T1 Warrior.

    Nudg will never tell them what to do, but instead will help to coach, support and mentor them. Nudg analyses their CGM data, and gives them personalised, relatable, yet practical actions, when they need them.


    Nudg’s focused on tips, tricks and life hacks, that will help them to better manage their day-to-day.

    These nudg’s are all about giving empowerment and autonomy so that you can feel confident that they are always learning from young people who have been through it all themselves.


    Nudg’s that are focused on supporting your T1 Warrior at times when living with T1 can be tiring and frustrating.

    They are not alone in the world, and T1 Diabetes does not define them. So it’s important that they see relatable messages of support and encouragement, to keep them smiling, even on the toughest days.

Partnering with pioneers in chronic conditions

Nudg is loved by parents and experts alike

  • Nudg is amazing! I am also a T1 just like Sam (15). I wish I’d had access to the amazing content when I was growing up. Especially through my teens.

    Peter, London
  • Nudg helps my son Ben (19) to manage not only his medical needs, but also shapes how he thinks and feels about being type one diabetic.

    Caroline, Cheshire
  • I know Rebecca (16) has always disliked my constant nagging. Nudg makes me feel that she is getting what she needs without additional strain on our relationship.

    Maggie, Kent