Become acontent creator

“Hey.  We are so excited that you have landed on this page.  That means that you are passionate about sharing your experiences with others.  You want to make a difference right?  Whoop…So do we!

So how can we work together?  

We believe that the community and sharing are super important, and we think that the T1 community is doing an amazing job.  Relating to somebody with the same challenges as you is empowering, and it’s much better to learn from others going through the same things, rather than being told what to do by your parents or clinical teams.  They don’t really understand what you are going through, as much as you would like them to. Right?

So why Nudg?  Well, we work tirelessly at Nudg on the content that we provide; 


Nudg sends content with context for our community.  We know that learning everything about a condition in one big hit is hard, and we quickly forget most of the advice and guidance we are given. So at Nudg we make sure that we only send out great content in small bursts; keeping it exciting, inspiring, caring, and personalised, when our community needs it the most.  When it makes the most sense to them.


We want you to be yourself because after all, we know that other T1s who look to you for support and guidance want to see the real you.   We provide the topics to chat, cover, even dance and sing (if you wish)! No scripts here, just a little guidance and friendly advice.  It’s then up to you, to provide the recording, and we add the extra magic.

Oh and unfortunately a bit of small print

We want to make our community healthier so we have a team who understands the important stuff: like clinical regulation, data, and ethical boundaries. Just so that we can ensure that all of the content created together safeguards our community.

Hope that all makes sense.  We would love to welcome you to the family.  Let’s make that difference together…

Hit the apply button; let us know your thoughts and questions?”

Love the Nudg team x