Disrupting Healthcare and Education from one magical platform.

Nudg – new habits, change lives.

How it works

Our Data Scientists, Behavioural Psychologists, Software Engineers, Animators, and Experience Designers have spent years developing Nudg.

A magical platform that understands your behaviour better than you do yourself. We send personalised lessons, prompts and tiny explosive bundles of knowledge to you in a personalised way. Oh and you only get this lovely content when you are most likely to consume it. It really is a magical (well our data scientists say it’s called AI) way to learn new things and to build new habits. Abracadabra…you have been nudg’d!

Disrupting Healthcare and Education from one magical platform.

Our Purpose

We improve human behaviour one nudg at a time, positively changing the path of chronic illness and mental wellbeing for good.

Our Vision

To be the world’s favourite personalised learning platform.

Our Mission

We will improve long term health and wellbeing for those with chronic illness by pushing rich educational content into their digital channels.

Why Adolescents

At least 13% of children and adolescents are affected by chronic conditions.

  • 1 in 6 of the world’s population, are adolescents aged 10 to 19 (that’s 1.2 billion people!)
  • Some reports suggest that as many as 27% of children and adolescents are affected by chronic diseases, if you include chronic allergies, and mental wellbeing.  That is a staggering 324,000,000 adolescents globally with a chronic condition
  • Adolescents do not engage with traditional models of chronic condition adherence, training and education. 
  • Lack of engagement, and poor adherence creates both acute, and long-term health complications. 
  • Big global health challenges including: frequent admissions to A&E, hospitalisation, critical care, organ failure, blindness, amputations, and even death through severe complications, and in some cases suicide.
  • More than 1.1 million adolescents aged 10-19 years died in 2019, over 3000 every day, mostly from preventable or treatable causes.

Four step ‘Nudg’ framework


Nudg cleverly consumes real time data from a number of user/patient devices. For example:
sleep, activity, location, heart rate, blood sugar, and hydration levels.


Our behavioural psychologists and data scientists have designed and built smart rules and logic which we then use to understand the behavioural patterns in this data.


These patterns are unique to each patient/user, enabling our platform to personalise every piece of educational content (the nudg) before we send it to their chosen device/s or messenger service.


We want to know if our nudg’s are effective, so we measure the impact of every single one. Analysing things like: adoption, frequency, and efficacy. We get excited the most about impact on a user’s health and wellbeing.

LovedBy partners

  • Patients Know Best are very excited by the innovative work that LovedBy are progressing with. Real change starts to happen when citizens can not only access data, but can contribute data to inform the best way to conduct future interactions, which should in turn lead to the best possible outcomes. This is relevant across so many areas of population engagement, and we can’t wait to see the changes this can make within proactive management of health and wellbeing.
    Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli — CEO, Patients Know Best
  • In the Children’s and Young People’s Diabetes Service, our approach is to support the child/young person and family to learn a positive approach to managing diabetes though education and training with consistent messages. Our aim is that the young person starts out from diagnosis with positive behaviours which integrate diabetes management with good control into busy young lives. Nudg reinforces positive habits and enables our teams to track progress.
    Iain Doherty — Manchester University Trust
  • Nudg’ is an AI platform which takes user data using bespoke algorithms and shares curated and targeted digital content via the user’s social media accounts. Nudg can be targeted towards different citizen groups depending on the clinical area of concern. HInM is supportive of the approach being taken to develop and use the platform for citizens to manage their own health outcomes, starting first with type 1 diabetes.
    Richard Deed — Commercial Director, Manchester Health Innovation
  • As health care professionals, we are always looking for better ways to help people with type 1 diabetes of all ages find better ways to live their lives through structured education, modern insulin therapies, diabetes devices and technologies. We of course should not forget the human factor aspect of type 1 diabetes, supporting positive behavioural aspects which can lead to improvement in diabetes self-management. This is what Nudg aims to achieve, and as a clinician and researcher in this field I am excited to be part of this important work.
    Dr Hood Thabit — Senior Consultant, Manchester NHS trust


  • Matt Farrar

    Matthew Farrar


    Matt is a veteran of digital transformation, product innovation, and breakthrough consumer proposition strategy. He began his entrepreneurial career in 1995, and has subsequently built five brands over that time. He has established new teams in London, New York, Silicon Valley, the Middle East, and Europe, and has an amazing ability to find great people to join him on his journey.

    Matt recognised the opportunity to converge Education and Healthcare in 2018 when he founded the LovedBy Group. His deep accumulated insight comes from years working on product innovations for Pearson, and Cambridge Assessment, as well as Astra Zeneca, Janssen Cilag, Patients Know Best, and more recently AXA Health.

    Matt’s purpose for the last two years has been centred around the development of new products and services for children, adolescents, and young adults around the world managing chronic illness. Our nudg platform is the distillation of this vision and mission.

  • Samiul Ansari

    Dr Samiul Ansari

    Head of Data Science

    Dr. Samiul Ansari is a Theoretical Chemist and Biostatistician who is passionate about improving the quality of life using technology. Having led a number of world-leading projects in the fields of agriculture, disease, drug design and the prevention of financial crime, he has worked towards this goal throughout his career.

    In his current role as the Head of Data Science, he is focused on providing world class services to the public, enabling them to better manage their health. Able to dissect business challenges using a scientific lens, he has shaped the consulting arm of his firm, driven strategic direction, developed commercial relationships, built market-leading predictive tools and published a number of articles in scientific journals.

    Some highlights of his career include having: developed a new predictive protocol to aid drug development, formulated a new methodology to predict solvent distributions, design of novel activity specific enzymes, and, created class-leading machine learning models within the e-commerce and fraud prevention spaces.

  • Chris Loxley

    Dr Chris Loxley

    Head of Behavioural Insight (LovedBy Group)

    Chris has a PhD in cognitive psychology and twenty years experience of working on behavioural change challenges with clients from FTSE 100 companies to government think-tanks; on behaviour as diverse as exercise addiction to hand-washing. Chris takes the best research insight from psychology & behavioural science to make product & service design massively more effective. Chris is an expert in behavioural science with specific interest in digital nudging. ‘Making little decisions better,’ is his motto. Chris has worked around the world with both private & public sectors, including: AXA Health, the Department for International Development UK, Economic & Social Research Council, Government of Indonesia, Lloyds Bank, UNICEF, Unilever, WHO, and Wellcome Trust.

  • Li Gardner

    Li Gardner

    Head of Experience Design

    Li is a strategic user experience design leader, passionate about delivering a word’s first-class health experience.

    Over the past twelve years, Li has led international design teams from London, San Francisco, New York, Berlin and Shanghai, delivering end-to-end customer experience for businesses across e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, education and technology industries.

    As head of user experience, her focus is to build a user-centred behavioural design approach that combines rigorous scientific research and experimentation with design creativity and product innovation, to influence behavioural change, build new habits and change lives.

  • Savvas Zarifis

    Savvas Zarifis

    Head of Software Engineering

    25 years of experience in the strategic consulting, management, development and integration of large technology projects across Europe servicing clients ranging from start-ups to large well-known multinational companies and the Greek government. Over this time, he has acquired a varied deep knowledge of technologies, software development languages and more recently IoT and IoE.

    Coming from a design background, graduating at the top of his BA / MA classes at Staffordshire University, he has spent most of his career bridging the gap between designers and developers. In his current role he is responsible for the cloud infrastructure and codebase of the microservices, as well as the mobile, wearable and web front ends.

    His passions are getting his hands on the very latest technologies and entertaining his two little boys.

  • Tejaswini Sreekantaiah

    Teja Sreekantaiah

    Data Engineer

    Teja develops, constructs, tests, and maintains our nudg data architecture, as well as building many of our critical data pipelines. Teja has around nine years of experience in the IT industry and has worked on various enterprise technologies like Oracle, Hadoop framework & other Cloud based services like AWS. Teja is passionate about trekking & Indian classical music & dance. She has earned a certificate of completing 14100 feet trekking at majestic foothills of the Himalayas.

  • Katherin Robinson

    Katherine Robinson

    Content and Motion Graphics

    Katherine is a 2D animator and illustrator from West Yorkshire with an appetite for story-telling and penne pasta. She obtained a degree in Animation from the University of Edinburgh in 2019 and worked as a freelance designer before moving to Manchester to pursue a career in motion graphic design and content creation. Katherine jumped at the opportunity to work at LovedBy on the Nudg platform and is thrilled to be part of something that will make life just that little bit easier for adolescents with chronic illnesses. Her work is richly illustrative, visually compelling, and influenced by nature.

  • Thom Beal

    Thomas Beal

    Content and Motion Graphics

    Thom is a Motion & Content Designer with over 7 years of experience. During this time he’s worked with some notable clients, including; Samsung, Manchester United & Uber.

    He loves to bring content to life through colour, character and smooth transitions.With an insatiable passion about the impact great design can make, he’s really excited about using his skills to help Nudg encourage habits and change lives.

    When he’s not immersed in keyframes, you’ll find him spending time with his Wife & Son. In his irregular spare time he likes to run, listen to podcasts and keep up with the news from the red half of Liverpool. He’s also recently taken up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

  • Victoria Farrar

    Victoria Farrar

    Insight and Research Lead

    Victoria spends most of her days talking to parents, children and young adults about their personal challenges living with a Chronic Illness. Her ability of empathetic listening to humans brings a deep lived insight into our ongoing product and content creation and testing.

    When she isn’t working tirelessly on understanding our future LovedBy humans, her focus is on her own four children (little humans), who keep her feeling and looking youthful. She is a keen photographer and baker and lives by her mantra; to ‘always be present, mindful, and kind’.

Advisors & Investors

We have a strong group of Advisors and investors supporting us on our journey from Chronic illness support and Type1 Diabetes, to Software Development, Investment Strategy, Brand, Marketing and Corporate Strategy.
  • Hood Thabit

    Dr Hood Thabit

    Advisor (T1)

    Hood initially completed his specialist training and diabetes fellowship in Ireland. His subsequent PhD at the University of Cambridge with Professor Roman Hovorka was on the clinical application of automated insulin delivery systems (artificial pancreas). His research has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the BMJ and Lancet. He has been invited to present at international diabetes conferences and lecture at various diabetes technology workshops.

    He is currently a consultant diabetologist and senior lecturer at Manchester University Hospital Foundation Trust, one of the largest insulin pump and Type 1 Diabetes technology clinics in the UK.

  • Roman Havorka

    Dr Roman Havorka

    Advisor (T1)

    Roman Hovorka is Professor of Metabolic Technology Research at the Institute of Metabolic Science and Department of Paediatrics at University of Cambridge. He made seminal contributions to diabetes technology including the “Artificial Pancreas”, a device that delivers insulin in glucose responsive fashion. He is Chief Investigator on several trials evaluating the Artificial Pancreas in populations such as young children and newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes. His wider interests include mathematical modelling of glucose control and turnover.

  • Paul Lindley

    Paul Lindley OBE


    Paul Lindley is an award-winning British entrepreneur, social campaigner and best-selling author.

    In 2006 Paul founded Ella’s Kitchen. Built on a core social mission, it has become the UK’s largest baby food brand, with over £100M in sales across 40 countries. Paul stepped back from Ella’s Kitchen in 2018. In 2017 his book ‘Little Wins: The Huge Power of Thinking Like a Toddler’ was published.

    In 2018, Paul was appointed Chair of the newly established London Child Obesity Taskforce by Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

    In 2019 Paul founded just IMAGINE if… an annual innovation competition supporting entrepreneurial ideas designed to address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

    Paul is Chair of Robert F Kennedy Human Rights UK and of social enterprise Toast Ale, and is a Trustee of Sesame Workshop, the creators of Sesame Street.

  • David Stroud

    David Stroud


    David spent 12 years as an Aircraft Engineering Officer in the Royal Navy before joining Citibank as an IT project manager, later becoming a derivatives trader. In 1998 he co-founded sparesFinder and then led the company from its roots as an dot.com start up through being one of the earliest enterprise level SaaS vendors to becoming a global leader in spare parts Master Data Management (MDM) software and services. Following sparesFinder’s acquisition by Sphera in 2018, he spent 18 months driving the combined Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) business. He is now an active investor in several early stage companies.

  • Rob Salmon

    Rob Salmon


    Former FTSE100 corporate affairs and communications director, Rob Salmon is founder and managing director of Brandwalk., a strategic brand and communications consultancy.

    His experience includes managing global brand and communications programs for major corporations including Shell, Severn Trent, Cadent Gas and Mastercard.

  • Mike Anderson

    Michael Anderson


    After a History degree at Sheffield University in 1985, Mike has been a Private Banker at Coutts and is a Managing Director in the Key Clients Group managing a small portfolio of influential and wealthy clients. He also focuses on business development with 35 years of accumulated connections and enjoys advising the Bank on developing its Client Experience.

    Mike is co-writing a book about the only Nazi successfully prosecuted in the UK in 1999. He is also a Trustee of Common Earth, a recently founded charity looking to scale high impact and successful environmentally regenerative projects around the Commonwealth.

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